Why do celebrities use social media?

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3 min readSep 9, 2021


This may seem like an odd answer but I believe most of you already know the answer to this but for many reasons choose not to say anything or ignore it. So I will answer it, the answer is they don’t use it. The tweets and comments on LinkedIn and all the rest are marketing agents on behalf of them. Yes that also includes and especially your politician too!

Now for the first time you are listening to your gut, you are likely asking yourself, “so what does that mean, do their messages hold any true value?”. I believe you also recognise the answer to that too. Sadly those in denial will still be susceptible to this marketing material to justify purchasing or buying into various ideologies (life style) or products in hope of relating to a group or tribe.

It’s a well known and documented fact the most specialised or successful marketing agencies will use occult methods in order to exploit the human psychological yearning for the feeling of belonging or popularism. A fantastic documentary called The Persuaders explains this perfectly.

It has also been documented and investigated that our large social tech companies actually use the same techniques to exploit us in the same fashion to support their affiliates. I am sure reading this you will already be remembering a post or a tweet that at the time you could not understand the point of except to emotionally unsettle you. The most successful marketing techniques create tribes first, what quick and easy way to do it than by using something you are passionate about!

So before you buy crypto because one of those well known celebrities tweets they have bought it. Remember the reality of who actually is sending the message and understand that celebrities get most of their income through sponsorship endorsements.

Also to bear in mind who would have the financial backing to pay celebrities or “influencers” and what are they to gain from all this? Follow the money…. They love to sell a lifestyle but rarely has a celebrity lived by it for long. How many times we see them end up becoming suicidal or taking big companies to court rebelling the very thing they used to sell. The bottom line is history tells us they offer nothing authentic in life except for the art they are famous for that unfortunately is always short lived.

What I always say to people that ask me what do you recommend or he or she recommends this. “It doesn’t matter what I or them think, I’d rather show you the evidence or data I am aware of if that helps decide for yourself?”. It’s time we grow up and take accountability for our own actions. I understand that’s tough feedback. However the great teacher is the one that makes us realise our mistakes not just rewards “good behaviour”.

It even makes you take a different perspective on those around you that sell you hopes and dreams and those that offer you raw truth that at first may question or challenge you….

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