The world has gone mad but what can I do?

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3 min readOct 2, 2021


This question without doubt is in most people’s mind everyday whether they admit it or not in recent times. The reality is we all approach problems in different ways. It’s not necessarily right or wrong I have an issue with but what I would ask yourself is it effective or not?

You may ask “what do you mean by that?”, let’s start with an example. Do you think voting for a political party or leader will solve any issues you may have with your quality of life or society? I challenge anyone to provide any credible proof on this at all. Even if there is an exception and I believe in fact there always is, clearly this is not an effective method of change for the betterment of your quality of life or society.

Therefore I would argue there are many other way more effective methods of fixing the garden so to speak. But the biggest challenge is you! Yes you read correctly it’s you. Everyday we shop and purchase items without any care or due diligence resulting in more and more sub standard products and services. What if I told you the most effective way of changing society or legislation is by boycotting the top industries of that sector you are not happy with. In fact if this process continues it will eventually lead to more innovation providing better quality services or products at sustainable pricing.

You may be in denial and state “oh that achieves nothing, everyone needs to do it to make a difference it’s impossible?” What if I told you it only takes as little as 5% of customers or more to make an impact. Let me remind you of the case for Nike on child labour. Your next question may be “there are no other options?” that is simply nonsense and I don’t need to discuss the obvious.

However let me bring you to another point you may argue is an example of no choice. Who do you bank with? Do they actually give you a good service? Are they actually managing your money to provide you wealth or just to provide themselves wealth? If you believe that all banks are the same you are correct but that doesn’t mean there are no alternatives.

We live in an age with digital currency and now we have secured protocol service digital currencies called cryptocurrencies that are self managed decentralised operations whereby you can now hold your wealth in a wallet that is highly secured for free. There are also multiple opportunities to mine or stake crypto to gain even more wealth over time. In effect they are way better versions of your high interest ISA. Don’t forget that cryptocurrency is also deflationary too meaning they gain value over time. The opposite is true regarding your current dollar or pound!

Solutions for everything are out there, the ultimate question is are you prepared to spend time and research to find them. Also what if natural law states that we are judged by what we buy not by what we sell? As always in life we need to be the change we want to see in the world. We find out very quickly when we are young the easy way out is not the best way out. Why would this rule change for buying products and services?

I hope you think about this next time you are out and hungry and see the nearest fast food joint…

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