The current economy is failing so what do we do?

Before anyone can find a solution they first need to recognise the problem. That is the single greatest threat to a thriving society. At present we have powerful tools to access information yet lack inference skills to determine the facts. We have an education system that lacks financial support or does not encourage critical thinking. We have a bias mass media collaboration. This of course sadly is no accident driven through greed and monopolisation of the market with self serving corporate interests.

With simple research of ownership of the largest companies in all sectors it doesn’t take much analysis to understand the conflicts of interest and how this plays a part of government legislations across the globe. Now we are at a cross roads that many are starting to see the obvious due to draconian censorship from big tech companies clearly with financial incentives.

Natural transition

So where to begin? I would say understanding the monetary system is critical as if you are to gain financial freedom whether as an individual or company this is vital. Now before you start to think “oh here we go again another utopiast or socialist or capitalist…etc” what i will be clear about is this is not a political message, frankly not interested and actually I believe part of the problem.

The global economy main issue is the centralised money supply owned by private bankers. How do I know this all you need to do is look at an official report publicised by the central banks of the depreciation of the fiat currency (pound, dollar, euro etc) verses the money supply. The dollar has already lost over 99% of its value last 100years. So you may ask “ok so what can I do about it?” the answer is simpler than you think. However requires initially accessing the right information or education. If it is inflation that causes the value of your dollar to depreciate, perhaps the first question should be “what currencies or financial instruments are available that are deflationary ?” The other question would be “ok is there a currency or financial tool to serve a decentralised system?”

That leads on to the other main issue with corrupt financial regulations, laws that essentially serve a few corporations to ensure they are secured and the rest are regulated. Unfortunately there are no quick wins for this one but with robust research and asking the right questions you will find alternative solution or other financial services that provide support.

I can list many case examples of this but this article may end up being a novel. Also not to forget the major media companies that own 95% of the distribution under 4 major umbrella corporations. I don’t need to tell you the conflicts of interest that lie in that therefore the horrendous bias that exists. Therefore I strongly recommend doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions of topics or organisations that media publish negative narratives around such as new incentives or ideas or services.

I would always ask myself, do those services or ideas come into conflict with current establishment, if that is a yes you better believe the media will likely be given direction to post negative spins. Just like in the past when famous scientists offered a new technology or theory that greatly enhanced mans understanding or ability, they were dismissed and abused by the current establishment unfortunately nothing has changed.

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