Is social media what we think it is?

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3 min readMay 18, 2022


When we ask people what social media is, we would get responses such as “It’s a tool to communicate with others” or “it’s a platform to share ideas or products” or even “it’s a good way to collaborate professionally”. To me that certainly is not incorrect from my assessment using various social media platforms.

It is my opinion that they could be great tools to share events or promotions that in turn can provide advertising for fantastic useful products or services. I have no doubt on that. However recent events have revealed a darker agenda to social media.

Social manipulation

It has been recently revealed that by an automated process people or businesses or groups are getting censored, followers restricted and posts downgraded or distribution minimised. Due to having a political opinion. To me this is very disturbing and very dangerous to our democracy.

So I wondered what was it precisely that caused these groups to be downgraded and what did they post? Well during this investigation it became pretty clear the algorithms were focusing on pretty clear conservative or traditional view points. Sometimes even scientifically proven observations commented on by credible people in the field.

For example a sexologist Ray Blanchard simply posted that gender dysphoria was a mental disorder and was banned. Alex Berenson a science writer got banned for simply citing the results of a clinical trial by Pfizer. Not to mention many political figures representing the Republican Party that are permanently banned none are currently banned in the Democratic Party.

At first I could not believe the level of censorship being implemented until after Elon Musk put in a tender to purchase Twitter. The level of followers differential between various celebs and political figures with clear different political opinions significantly changed after corrections were made to remove the algorithms. Also it has been recently discovered that at least 19% of accounts on Twitter are fake. Possibly much more, Half of Joe Biden followers are fake, yes 50%.

After all these revelations it suddenly dawned on me that all the rest of social media would be exactly the same. Also let’s not forget that we all do it, have multiple accounts on the same platform. So it’s pretty clear at least half if not more accounts on these platforms are not real people.

So we need to ask ourselves what impact did this have on the population using these social media platforms for the last 20 years? Well we have already been informed by former founders of Facebook that they have very detrimental effects on people that lead to total disarray with the lack of discernment of factual information.

I believe it’s paramount for a formal independent investigation to be served for every social media platform. Also to determine the source of all these fake accounts and the information they have been promoting and permanently list them for the public as well as their financial donors. As the consequences of all these accounts could explain the madness we have been experiencing for the past 20 years. It could explain or at least account for events or tragedies that occurred due to misinformation.

What do you suspect the outcome would be if hundreds of fake accounts report a post purely because they had a conflict of interest. Please share your feedback and visit thank you for your time.



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