Has marketing become dangerous?

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3 min readOct 13, 2021


If you asked me 10 years ago it’s likely I would of easily answered “yes!”. However gaining more experience and stepping back to reflect on the wider perspective I have revised my opinion. I appreciate this maybe an easy yes answer for yourself but just bear with me on this.

Let’s first dive into the areas and topics that clearly would influence your opinion on this especially in recent years. Also before we go through examples I highly recommend you watch the PBS Frontline documentary The Persuaders. As many former top marketing agencies have already publicly explained branding has become increasingly saturated with the need to drive an impossible level of sales leads continuously.

Due to the never ending thirst for growth it has pushed ethical standards aside to ensure the business stay competitive or survive. So as it stands today we are witnessing many forms of advertising that has become extremely insidious developing cults and even altering our brain chemistry to become dependent on unnecessary products or services. Also let’s not forget open internet access has allowed unparalleled ability to view anything.

One of those areas that has recently been under scrutiny is the porn industry with free access that even those underage can access freely. Over time scientists and psychologists have also encountered new forms of mental issues driven by the ubiquitous sexualisation of marketing material or media.

So with all that said you are probably wondering why on earth do I still believe that marketing is not dangerous?! Well like with any propaganda or manipulation this can be easily nullified with factual information being made easily available. One of the most necessary requirements of this age is the upgrade of our education system to include political science and psychology as early as late primary school years.

Why these subjects…because most of the topics covered by these subjects covers internal reflection and critical thinking using rational or logical inference that gives people skills to counter any thesis or antithesis in an effective way that ultimately provides a sensible synthesis to an approach or situation.

By doing so this will provide our society the confidence and well being to be immune of any form of marketing and therefore branding could eventually lose its teeth altogether. Just ask yourself this, when you look at a pair of sports wear such as trainers do you look at the brand first and assume it’s qualities or do you have the technical knowledge to determine it’s actual quality?

By having a way of life that includes discernment or research based approach by default, the technical facts determine your decision of the product or service rather than by the brand or assumption. This will lead to an improved quality of product and services over time as it becomes far more competitive by substance than by opinion.

Next time you are thinking of purchasing anything just ask yourself how great it would be if the quality was enhanced by 200% for half the cost. For that to become reality we need to reject planned obsolescence with objective decision making. With that type of people in society how could any monopoly come to be? Even bogus so called regulations or laws will become redundant!

So perhaps it’s true after all that we are judged by what we buy not by what we sell…

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